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Datorer, teknik och programvara är alla beståndsdelar av den moderna världen. Men för varje smart programvara, finns det en smart programmerare. Och idag vill vi presentera en av våra – Lars-Ove Johansson, ordet är ditt. 

– Marketing wanted me to write a blog post about a common working day as a developer. Let’s try something else.

I log in into QBIS the first thing in the morning happy to find that I have been assigned all activities needed to complete the time registrations from last week. Registering the final task from last Friday reminds me of the sudden change of plans for today. A customer was in short notice promised a custom change to a salary export to be developed before the end of the month, meaning today. Before leaving for the weekend I requested more details regarding the purpose of the change.

An email with an unsolved errand arrives from the support. The errand is about how to correct some data in a couple of customer databases. The support thanks me for the fast written database query and promises to document it for later use.

A review of the backup report tells me that all database backup and maintenance jobs were successful during the weekend. The monitoring report however indicates a performance issue affecting a few customers. Customers having a huge number of project categories. Quite uncommon setup so no wonder the developer missed to test this before the QBIS update last week. After some consideration I decide to prioritize this before the promise. If left unresolved it has the potential to affect not only the few customers identified to have this setup, but also the entire server.

Before the daily standup meeting I have identified the major bottlenecks in the query causing the performance issue. At the daily standup meeting I present the plan for today. In the meeting a developer working on a consulting project shortly describes an issue. I encourage him to take a look at a similar function in QBIS to get some more ideas.

At lunch time I receive more information about the purpose of the custom change promised to a customer. I write a reply and suggest a tweak to how their schedules are set up and instead using an existing feature in the salary export.

By the end of the day the performance issue is fixed, tested and published. Similar issues were found on two other places and fixed at the same time. Before leaving for the day I get a reply back from the customer saying she has tested and found the suggestion to be satisfying. A perfect ending of a perfect working day.